Volunteer on horse farm.

Our volunteer position consists of taking care of our clients and work studies. You will be caring for the grounds of the farm and the house. You will be working in the garden, watering, raking, cooking. And taking care of the farm animals. We also like to utilize any special skills you may have artistic abilities. There is tolerable Internet access here on the farm. As far as the work there is not a lot of contact with the horses with this position. I do encourage my students to give volunteers lessons to reinforce what they have learned therefore you will have contact with the Horses when the opportunity presents itself. We also try to get you out on a trail ride during your time here. Your work hours will vary from 3 to 5 hours a day depending on what is going on and your interest.

You will also have access to our video library. This volunteer position is a good learning environment for more understanding of natural horsemanship.
There is a two week minimum for this position. Right now I am only taking two volunteers at a time. There is a charge of $100 a week for this position.  If you would like to join us Please contact me at establosanrafael@gmail.com   for an interview.
If you are very good at internet marketing and can help me attach a membership program to my website with a live cam and chat forum. there will be no charges for your stay it is a two-month minimum commitment.
Another volunteer position without any charges is for an experienced horse person trail guide-riding instructor, you will need a decent understanding of natural horsemanship to help teach natural horsemanship games to my beginners. I would like you to work along side me. It is a three-month minimum commitment.
please send experience bio and references: establosanrafael@gmail.com

If you would like to see more about the farm please friend us on Facebook.
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If you are interested in working directly with the horses,
The care for the horses is done primarily by people coming for my natural horsemanship work study program. If you are interested in learning or improving your natural horsemanship and your riding with daily sessions please check out our work study program.