Trail Rides

At Establo San Rafael we understand that our horses are individuals. We don’t ask them to ride the same trails over and over throughout the day. They are never overworked. Their day may allow one natural horsemanship session and no more than one lesson or one trail ride a day.  They participate in many different things, like jumping, dressage, and natural horsemanship games, therefore they are definitely not routine trail horses. they desire the partnership of there rider. With our horses you won’t just be a passenger, you will be a partner with your horse. because our horses are not routine trail horses we recommend beginners take one or two riding lessons before setting out on the trails.

We are located in a rural location that is not a tourist area. When you ride with us you will ride in mountains inhabited by cane and cattle farmers. Many families have been here for generations. There are rivers to cross, amazing views, and lots of wildlife.



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Trail rides, inernships and natural horsemanship sessions