Explore the Beauty of the Region on Horseback

Travel through lush, green mountains and hear the songs of birds on a memorable trail ride.

Floralia Loop, 1 hour

This loop is great for everyone, especially those who don’t want to spend too many hours in the saddle. Get a taste of horseback riding while taking in the beautiful views of the mountains, pass through a little town, and even a section of forest. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you want.
Cost: $55 USD per person

Bella Vista Loop, 2 hours

Ride through quiet farmland with beautiful views of the mountains. See how sugar cane and bananas grow as we pass local farms. Ride through the little town of Bella Vista. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you want.
Cost: $65 USD per person

Three Rivers Loop, 3 hours

Ride up to a beautiful ridge with 360-degree views of the mountains then descend into a lush tropical valley. Along the way cross three rivers. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you want.
Cost: $75 USD per person

Tabarcia Town, 6 hours (including 1.5-hour lunch stop)

Climb to a ridge with a 360-degree view, descend into the valley and cross rivers to have lunch at a local restaurant in a quaint village. Pass by local farms, homes, and patches of rainforest. Cover a con- siderable distance with lots of trotting and cantering. Lunch included.
Cost: $95 USD per person

Overlook Loop, 6 hours (including 1-hour lunch stop)

Ride through private farmland and climb to a stunning overlook with vast views of the Tabarcia Valley over lunch. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you like.
Cost: $85 USD per person

Off the Beaten Track, Our Lush Surroundings Set Us Apart.

Journey through rolling, green mountains inhabited by cane and cattle farmers.

Cross rivers, take in the amazing views, and appreciate wildlife.

We’re Good to Our Horses.

A typical day in the life of one of our horses may include one natural horsemanship session and no more than one lesson or one trail ride a day. Participating in many different things like jumping, dressage, and natural horsemanship games, these are definitely not routine trail horses!

Living in the setting of a natural horsemanship farm, our animals desire connection with their human riders. With our horses you won’t just be a passenger; you will be a partner. For this reason, we suggest that beginners take one or two riding lessons before setting out on the trails.

At Establo San Rafael we understand that our horses are living creatures. We don’t push them to ride the same trails over and over throughout the day, and we do not overwork any of our animals. We have an 86kg (190lb) weight limit for our two-hour ride and 700kg (170lbs) for longer rides.

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