Riding Lessons

We incorporate Natural Horsemanship into all our riding lessons and trail rides.

Our riding lessons are all based on natural horsemanship. Learn to ride or improve your riding by finding and securing your seat and balance point with fun exercises and bareback practice. Learn to use your body and energy to create an understandable physical connection with the horses you ride, Learn how your rain aids affect the horse’s body and back up your body aids. For upper-level riding incorporate natural horsemanship to improve your dressage and jumping. For natural horsemanship students, we provide coaching to improve your freestyle and fineness riding and your groundwork. Our lessons take place in our spacious ring with beautiful views of the tropical mountains.

All Lessons are $45 one hour $75 two hours.

Jumping classes are fun for both horse and rider when practiced with Natural horsemanship. Challenge yourself with this fun and exciting way to improve your riding skills and partnership. We encourage our students of all ages to groom and tack the horse they will be riding.

Natural Horsemanship Sessions

In this session, students learn Natural Horsemanship based on Parelli 7 games. students learn to achieve a partnership with horses based on trust, confidence, and communication. They will also learn about horses emotional issues. This knowledge will enhance the student’s horsemanship skills throughout their life.  This class can be ended with a small amount of bareback riding if you like.

Our Small child class.

This is a special class for young children. It is about getting to know and enjoying interacting with horses. We introduce them to safety and grooming and help them move about the horse safely. The riding emphasis is about feeling how the horse moves and their confidence riding a large animal. We also introduce stop-go and left-right, in addition to how to guide the horse forward.

Beginner riding lessons

The proper way to approach a stabled horse.
How to groom and tack up, including picking up and cleaning hooves.
Haltering and removing a halter.
The correct way to lead a horse.
Mounting and dismounting techniques.
Riding a figure 8.
Learning to sit in a balanced position.
Trotting in a balanced position.

Intermediate Beginner riding lessons

Riding a serpentine.
Posting on the correct diagonal.
Cantering on the correct lead.
Riding safely on the trail.
Walk and trot without stirrups.
Bending and counter bending.
Beginning jumping.
Simple lead changes.

Advanced Beginner riding lessons

Turning on the forehand.
Turning on the haunches.
Lateral movement.
Extended and collected movement.
Riding a two-foot course of fences.
Flying lead changes.

Intermediate and advanced riding lessons:

At these levels, students work on classical dressage, jumping, and advanced trail riding. We focus on how the rider affects the horse’s way of going. For these reasons, riders taking advanced riding lessons have to have balance, body control, and an understanding of how the horse’s body works.

All students are required to wear helmets.



Bitless dressage, Jumping, Trail rides, internships and natural horsemanship sessions