Learning Natural Horsemanship Will Change The Way You Interact With Horses Forever.

We love giving lessons in natural horsemanship to people of all ages and levels of ability.

Riding Lessons

We incorporate Natural Horsemanship into all our riding lessons and trail rides. Learn to develop a true partnership while riding.

Are you a beginner? Our beginner lessons are about achieving your balance point also called independent seat.
We incorporate fun exercises and bareback practice in our lessons to help achieve this balance point and connection.
You will be learning a rising trot and how not to bounce in a sitting trot. A rising trot means your body rises with the correct leg of the horse to make the rising motion more in balance with the horse’s movement.
You’ll also be introduced to two types of rein aids, a light following contact or concentrated rein, and a freestyle or lose rein style.
And you will begin to learn how your intention, energy and motivation will affect the horse’s movement.

Somewhere in the middle?  As you progress to intermediate-level you will be learning lateral flexion. This is where you ask your horse to become soft and flexible so that communication is possible for all four legs. We will introduce you to your indirect rein and supporting rein.
You will be fine-tuning your independent seat. Bareback jumping practice is another fun way to improve your riding.

Advanced. This is where you truly start to dance with your horse.
Learn to use your body and energy to create an understandable physical connection with the horses you ride. You will learn to tell your horse how to carry you in a relaxed healthy way.
You will become more sensitive to your body aids and practice bridleless riding. Our advanced classes are great for experienced dressage riders.

Horsemanship Sessions

Natural horsemanship, a philosophy of learning that emphasizes the horse’s natural instincts and communication methods.

Natural horsemanship is all about developing a trusting loving relationship with horses. We use the Parelli system games along with other natural horsemanship influences to develop strong bonding friendships with our horses. You will observe first hand what horses do when they are communicating with each other. Then you will learn how to use your energy and focus to develop your own communication with horses. We love liberty practice!
This is where you ask the horse to perform various tasks without a lead rope. Eventually, the horse is bound to you only by respect, trust, and playful curiosity.

Our students are often amazed at how greatly they deepen their comfort level and skillset in just one or two sessions.

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