Establo San Rafael’s Prices.

 Check out our prices for horseback riding lessons, trail rides, sessions in natural horsemanship, and accommodations. All in beautiful tropical Costa Rica.

Day Rides
Floralia Loop, 1 hour:
Cost: $55

Bella Vista Loop, 2 hours:
Cost: $65

Three Rivers Loop, 3 hours:
Cost: $75

Tabarcia Town, 6 hours (including 1.5-hour lunch stop):
Cost: $95

Overlook Loop, 6 hours (including 1-hour lunch stop):
Cost: $85

All horse Lessons are $45 one hour $75 two hours.

Our Natural Horsemanship sessions are based in  Parelli with other influences.  A one-hour session is $45 and $75 for two hours.
Our lunches and dinners are $7.50 per person per meal and can accommodate special dietary needs.
The Apartment Style Unit – $75 per night. Breakfast is included for up to four people.

Double Bed Cabinas  – $45 a night per room.  Single occupancy. For double occupancy, the price is $55 a night per room. Breakfast is included with these rooms.

Two Room Cabin: Reserved for our internship program.

Bitless dressage, Jumping, Trail rides, internships and natural horsemanship sessions