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Aproximación a la Cultura Escrita. Material de Apoyo by Ángel Riesco Terrero, Elisa Ruiz García, Jesús Domínguez

By Ángel Riesco Terrero, Elisa Ruiz García, Jesús Domínguez Aparicio, Ana Belén Sánchez Prieto

Aproximación a l. a. cultura escrita es un instrumento didáctico de fácil manejo, con el fabric teótico-práctico imperative para trabajar en las clases y fuera de ellas, con reproducciones escrituarias seleccionadas y representativas de las distintas épocas, pero especialmente las correspondientes al período moderrno y contemporáneo.

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The purpose of Chapters 2 and 3 is not to dwell at length on those details, but to provide the readers with an outline of Saussure’s background, intellectual profile, and life trajectory in as much as such information can contribute to a better understanding of the development of his original approach to language. These chapters are based on a selective compilation of published materials, the sources of which are indicated at the end of the book. 1 THE FIRST 15 YEARS Ferdinand Mongin de Saussure was born in 1857 in Geneva.

But Leipzig was also the focus of a nascent rebellious movement, known as the Neogrammarians, an approximate translation of the German Junggrammatiker. 1 Ferdinand de Saussure at 21, in Leipzig, toward the time when he completed his landmark monograph on the primitive system of vowels in Indo-European languages. 44 SAUSSURE IN LEIPZIG, BERLIN, AND PARIS Germany. Their goal was the methodic search for rigorous objective laws that explained scientifically why the Indo-European languages were all so different in spite of their common origin.

It will take some effort and extra attention to distinguish entities in the mass that constitutes the langue. “When we are dealing with language, there are several possible constituent units that come to mind. We can think of syllables, for instance. ” Linguistic entities are exclusively those which associate an acoustic image and a concept. Neither of these two parts can be taken separately. If we do so, we have abstractions not linguistic units. In the entities of the langue, the concept becomes a quality of the acoustic substance as sonority becomes a quality of the conceptual substance.

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