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Ancient Civilizations RL. Almanac by Judson Knight

By Judson Knight

Offers ancient info and interpretation on historical civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, China, Africa, Israel, and somewhere else.

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Romans attempt unsuccessfully to conquer southwestern Arabia. : Vergil’s Aeneid published. c. : Jesus Christ born. : Wang Mang usurps throne of Han Dynasty in China, establishing Hsin Dynasty. : Forces of Augustus Caesar defeated by Germans, ending Roman expansion to the north. : Augustus Caesar dies; his stepson Tiberius becomes emperor, marking official establishment of Roman Empire. : Han Dynasty regains control of China; beginning of the Later Han Period. c. : Jesus Christ dies. c. : Saul has vision on road to Damascus which leads him to embrace Christianity; becomes most important apostle.

After creating an initial set of proposed laws, conduct a vote to decide which should become official. Voting should be by secret ballot. • Just as the ancient peoples had their myths and legends to explain the world, there are myths and legends in modern life. Who are the great heroes and villains of today, and of recent years—for example, political leaders and entertainxliii ment figures—and why do you think they are perceived as heroes or villains? How do you think they will be remembered, and what legends have developed or will develop around them?

Roman senate, at the urging of Octavian, declares war on Cleopatra. : Roman forces destroy Mark Antony and Cleopatra’s fleet at Actium in Greece on September 2; Antony commits suicide. : Beginning of Octavian’s sole control of Rome, end of a century of unrest. : Beginning of Pax Romana, or “Roman Peace,” which prevails throughout Roman world for two centuries. : Suicide of Cleopatra VII; Romans establish control of Egypt. : Octavian declared Emperor Augustus Caesar by Roman senate; Roman Empire effectively established.

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