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Analog and Mixed-Signal Hardware Description Language by Allen Dewey (auth.), Alain Vachoux, Jean-Michel Bergé, Oz

By Allen Dewey (auth.), Alain Vachoux, Jean-Michel Bergé, Oz Levia, Jacques Rouillard (eds.)

Hardware description languages (HDL) akin to VHDL and Verilog have stumbled on their manner into virtually each element of the layout of electronic structures. seeing that their inception they steadily proved to be an important a part of glossy layout methodologies and layout automation instruments, ever exceeding their unique pursuits of being description and simulation languages. Their use for automated synthesis, formal evidence, and trying out are solid examples.
to this point, HDLs were normally facing electronic platforms. notwithstanding, built-in structures designed at the present time require a growing number of analog elements similar to A/D and D/A converters, section locked loops, present mirrors, and so on.
The verification of the total approach as a result asks for using a unmarried language. utilizing VHDL or Verilog to deal with analog descriptions is feasible, because it is proven during this ebook, however the genuine strength is coming from real mixed-signal HDLs that combine discrete and non-stop semantics right into a unified framework. Analog HDLs (AHDL) are thought of right here a subset of mixed-signal HDLs as they intend to supply a similar point of good points as HDLs do yet with a scope restricted to analog structures, almost certainly with constrained aid of discrete semantics.
Analog and Mixed-Signal Description Languages covers a number of points with regards to analog and mixed-signal description languages together with:
using a electronic HDL for the outline and the simulation of analog structures The emergence of extensions of present ordinary HDLs that offer real analog and mixed-signal HDLs.
using analog and mixed-signal HDLs for the advance of behavioral versions of analog (electronic) construction blocks (operational amplifier, PLL) and for the layout of microsystems that don't purely contain digital components.
using a front-end instrument that eases the outline job with assistance from a graphical paradigm, but producing AHDL descriptions instantly.
Analog and Mixed-Signal Description Languages is the 1st publication to teach tips to use those new description languages within the layout of digital elements and structures. it will be significant interpreting for researchers and architects operating in digital design.

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