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Amy and Gully with Aliens by W.W. Rowe

By W.W. Rowe

During this experience tale, young ones are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Amy and Gully be able to outwit their captors--only to gain that they might have made issues worse. yet appearances end up misleading. quickly they're given interactive exams concerning a paranormal motion picture monitor. the tale they see resembles the lifetime of Siddhartha (the younger Prince who ultimately turned the Buddha). finally, Amy and Gully become aware of that they're in a position to input the magic display and perform the motion picture itself! the youngsters even meet and relief the enlightened Prince in a deadly yet funny episode. Amy and Gully know about the interconnectedness of all existence, selfless compassion, and the ability of natural goal. this can be an autonomous sequel to Amy and Gully in Rainbowland. This eye-catching booklet reads like a thriller.--Mindful Parenting

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Gully blinked in disbelief. ” Mala smiled. “Perhaps you always do,” he said. “Though much less strongly than you can in this test. ” 53 8 The Necklace Amy and Gully faced the screen. They saw a bright orange sunrise, reflected in the palace windows. Two soldiers in green uniforms guarded the arched marble door. Not far away, a fat man held two snowy-white horses by the reins. The man had a wide, bulging nose. “Let’s see if we can make his nose itch,” Gully whispered. ” Amy giggled. ” They both wished for the man’s nose to itch, but he only blinked his eyes and yawned.

Said Dorg. ” Mala fixed Dorg with his diamond eyes. “The plant you are holding is called a rose. You Snoods must have incompletely programmed your language banks. ” Mala laughed. “A big dog and a little Dorg. That’s quite amusing. But enough mistakes. Ra, restore Dorg to his normal size. ” The Snoods waved their tentacles respectfully. ” 44 “And no more arguing. Now go. ” Both Snoods scurried out the door, leaving Amy and Gully to wonder what their new tests would be. 45 7 Twins “Sit down,” Mala invited when the Snoods were gone.

The Queen was speaking rapidly. “Dargon must have taken the other jewels too. Three servants have been wrongly beaten! ” The King sighed. ” He slapped the arm of his chair. ” His bearded face was grim and stormy. “How could twin brothers be so different? ” “It is hard to believe. Dargon is so clever, so skillful in his evil ways. We must—” The screen suddenly went blank. ” cried Gully. ” 57 “Please turn it back on,” said Amy. ” “I did not turn it off,” Mala declared. ” “Mala! ” Both Snoods scuttled frantically into the room.

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