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Agreement Systems (Linguistik Aktuell Linguistics Today, by Cedric Boeckx

By Cedric Boeckx

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G. Bejar and Massam 1999, Ura 2000, among others). If multiple Case checking turned out to be available, we might have to reconsider some of our claims. In addition, there is a weaker version of this approach which also needs to be dismissed. Specifically, Carstens (2003) has recently argued that Case-checked DPs remain active until the 29 30 Gabriela Alboiu phase is shipped off to the interface levels. Consequently, while I have shown that in the absence of a C-T relationship at the complement level, the embedded subject DP is accessible to matrix probes, separate evidence against multiple Case-checking and/or Case-checking in the embedded domain is needed to strengthen the claim that Case is not a property of agreement.

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