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ACI 318-14 Building Code Requirements for Structural by ACI committee 318

By ACI committee 318

ACI 318-14 development Code necessities for Structural Concrete and Commentary


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0. water-cementitious materials ratio—ratio of mass of water, excluding that absorbed by the aggregate, to the mass of cementitious materials in a mixture, stated as a decimal. work—the entire construction or separately identifiable parts thereof that are required to be furnished under the construction documents. yield strength—specified minimum yield strength or yield point of reinforcement; yield strength or yield point shall be determined in tension according to applicable ASTM standards as modified by this Code.

3. licensed design professional—May also be referred to as “registered design professional” in other documents. loads—A number of definitions for loads are given as the Code contains requirements that are to be met at various load levels. The terms “dead load” and “live load” refer to the unfactored, sometimes called “service” loads specified or defined by the general building code. Service loads (loads without load factors) are to be used where specified in the Code to proportion or investigate members for 2 38 BUILDING CODE REQUIREMENTS FOR STRUCTURAL CONCRETE (ACI 318-14) AND COMMENTARY (ACI 318R-14) CODE COMMENTARY load, dead—(a) the weights of the members, supported structure, and permanent attachments or accessories that are likely to be present on a structure in service; or (b) loads meeting specific criteria found in the general building code; without load factors.

Anchor, undercut—post-installed anchor that develops its tensile strength from the mechanical interlock provided by undercutting of the concrete at the embedded end of the anchor. Undercutting is achieved with a special drill before installing the anchor or alternatively by the anchor itself during its installation. a sleeve or plug and the expansion is controlled by the length of travel of the sleeve or plug. 2 illustrates the potential hole orientations for horizontal or upwardly inclined anchors.

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