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A Short Itza Maya Vocabulary by Erik Boot

By Erik Boot

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The parts of a speech that are realized in each example are indicated. ” Noun + Noun Noun + Article + Noun Noun + Verb + Article + Noun In addition to the expansions that occur to simple sentences the child learns how to convey intents by the addition of other types of modifiers. Two of the frequently used ones are negative and question modifiers, and some examples appear below. Excluded is command, another frequently used speech act, but one that is realized in many ways. It should be kept in mind that different languages and dialects have different ways to express these intents, but these are intents that all children wish to express.

Variations in development due to variations in the socio-economic status of families, and exposure to more than one dialect and language will be discussed. ” These children are found in “regular” pre-school programs. They are children who suffer from chronic otitis media (middle-ear infection), which can lead to mild hearing losses, and those who are specifically languageimpaired or language learning-impaired. 2 Developmental changes in language knowledge There are many changes that have already occurred by age 3.

4. 5. 6. Use simple sentences and vocabulary. Use clear articulation. Reduce the rate of speaking. Talk about the here-and-now. Acknowledge the child’s reference. End sentences with rising intonation and use a great deal of contrastive stress. 7. Repeat words, phrases, and sentences. Examination of some of these behaviors suggests that several of them are probably due to caregivers wanting to clarify the linguistic stream of speech. They do so unconsciously as we all do when communicating with others we think might have some difficulty in understanding.

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