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A review of the Mariner IV results by Oran W. Nicks

By Oran W. Nicks

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FAN, C. Y . ; SIMPSON,J. A,; and GLOECKLER, G . : Protons and Helium Nuclei Within Interplanetary Magnetic Regions Which Co-rotate with the Sun. Ninth International Conference on Cosmic Rays, Proceedings. Imperial College of Science and Technology, vol. I. 1966. pp. 109-111. J. : Proton and Alpha Particle Studies on 26. SIMPSON,J. A,; and O'GALLAGHER, Mariner IV. Trans. Am. Geophys. , vol. 46, 1965, p. 15. 27. O'GALLAGHER, J. ; and SIMPSON,J. A,: Low Energy Proton and Alpha Particle Studies on Mariner IV.

JET PROPULSIONLABORATORY STAFF: Report from Mars-Mariner I V 19641965. NASA EP-39, 1966. SCHUTZ, F. : The Mariner IV Science Subsystem. Reprint IEEE Conference. , 1965. DAVIS, G . ; and MEISENHOLDER, G. W . : The Mariner IV Canopus Sensor. Presented at 16th International Astronautical Congress (Athens, Greece), 1965. : Guidance and Control of the Mariner Planetary Spacecraft. Presented at IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in the Peaceful Uses of Space (Norway), June 21-24, 1965. DONLIN, T. ; and RANDALL, J.

MARINER ZV RESULTS * GM,/GM,,,=3 098 6 0 0 t 6 0 0 . This ratio is compared in figure 27 with the same ratio computed earlier by other scientists using different techniques. 5 km/sec. The AU computed was 149 597 500t500 kilometers. It is hoped that this value may be refined by further postflight analysis. (3) An additional value obtained from Mariner data is the gravitational constant for the Moon ( G M , ) . l kms/sec2 which is consistent with results obtained on earlier Ranger and Mariner flights.

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