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A Manual of Ritual Fire Offerings by Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

By Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

Comprises translations of texts required to accomplish the ritual hearth supplying for peace linked to six meditational deities. This booklet talks approximately 13 deities in accordance with the Gelugpa culture of Tibetan Buddhism.

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VAHANAYA For us ........ A. . . tapa PART SIX The Vajrayogini ofNaropa Khecari PART SEVEN The CittamaiJi Tara PART TWO THE THIRTEEN DEITY V AJRABHAIRA VA This part is the translation of the section of the generation of the supramundane deities and the making of the Ritual Fire Offering to them. This is the middle portion of The Ritua{ Fire Offering For Peace of the Thirteen Deity Vajrabhairava composed by the Buddhist monk Lobsang Yeshe (dLo bZang Yeshes), the Second Panchen Lama. The words which were omitted in the original text have been ftlled in here for convenient recitation and are taken from The Self Generation of the Thirteen Deity Vajrabhairava as contained in the collection of ritual texts ofNamgyal (rNam rGyal) Monastery.

The two remaining right hands hold a lotus and sword, and the left two a jewel and wheel. In the north is green Jealousy Yamantaka with three faces, green, blue and white. The first pair of his six hands, holding a curved knife and skull, emb"races the mother similar to himself. 40 Ritual Fire Offering for Peace The two remaining right hands hold a sword and wheel, and the left two a jewel and lotus. At the east door is blue Hammer Yamantaka with three faces, blue, white and red. The first pair of his six hands, holding a curved knife and skull, embraces the mother similar to himself.

From the complete transformation of that arises a fire deity, with a white body, a very peaceful expression and one face. Of his four arms, the right two hold a white lotus and a crystal rosary, the left two a receptacle and a conch. He is dressed in white silk and adorned with jewel ornaments. The triangular fire at his heart is marked by RAJy1. Imagine this, then, Light radiating from the seed at the commitment being's heart invites the wrathful Takki-raja from the south-east, identical with the visualised one, surrounded by his entourage.

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