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A diachronic analysis of the interaction of syllabification by Koenig, Jeanette Suzanne

By Koenig, Jeanette Suzanne

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2 Unsyllabified consonants. More recent studies (Bethin (1992); Szpyra (1992); Cresti (1994)) make use of the observation that M-jer vocalization not only 31 See Timberlake (1983) for such an analysis in the historical grammars. 39 breaks up consonant clusters, but provides needed syllable nuclei for consonants that would otherwise be unsyllabified, as in the Polish example in (18) below:32 (18) Syllabification YVoc Other rules nom. sg. masc. /cuk•r-•k-•k-(•)/ \|/ σ *r *k *k e e e k’ [cuk’ere ek] gen.

The dissociation of the H-jers destroyed their syllabic nuclei, which resulted in the adjacent consonants to their left becoming unsyllabified. 27) If a string contained multiple H-jers, this meant multiple unsyllabified consonants appeared simultaneously. , lowering), repaired the problem. It occurred in conjunction with resyllabification, which in Slavic proceeds 27 Liquids, which frequently closed H-jer syllables, were an exception to this. Such an H-jer would have an unsyllabified obstruent to its left and an unsyllabified liquid to its right when delinked.

2 of Chapter Four, respectively. 41 The relative order of YVoc and o-raising cannot be established in this derivation. It is assumed that YVoc precedes o-raising for reasons discussed in Chapter Four, but it does not affect the outcome here. 45 Phonology from over-applying, because such rules are context free. z•ka/. However, her reason for claiming YVoc and o-raising are post-cyclic is strictly to prevent over-application of both rules. I have shown that the LP framework itself can do that for o-raising.

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