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A bibliography of writings on varieties of English, by Wolfgang Viereck

By Wolfgang Viereck

After the expansion of English and American dialectology because the 1930’s and the growth of sociolinguistics because the 1960’s, the examine of ‘world English’ has emerged in recent times to affix those different disciplines. This bibliography is meant to mirror what has been accomplished during this region and to function an indispensible examine device for extra investigations. The bibliography is split into 3 elements, each is preceded through a preface and is the reason the strategies and every of the sections is by means of an index. It classifies the goods in response to particular parts, ethnic teams, or related themes.

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The Constitution of England; Or, An Account of the English Government (Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics)

"The structure of britain" is among the such a lot wonderful 18th-century treatises on English political liberty. within the vein of Charles Louis Montesquieu's "Spirit of the legislation" (1748) and William Blackstone's "Commentaries at the legislation of britain" (1765-1769), Jean Louis De Lolme's account of the English procedure of presidency exercised an in depth effect on political debate in Britain, on constitutional layout within the US in the course of the Founding period, and at the progress of liberal political inspiration during the nineteenth century.

Text-Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew (JSOT Supplement Series)

Smooth linguistics is a relative newcomer within the clinical international, and text-linguistics, or discourse research, is one in every of its youngest disciplines. This truth has prone many towards scepticism of its worth for the Hebraist, but a lot gain is thereby ignored. during this paintings, the writer examines contemporary contributions to Hebrew text-linguistics by means of Niccacci, Andersen, Eskhult, Khan, and Longacre, comparing them opposed to a twofold average of theoretical and methodological integrity, and readability of conversation.

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Basle 1969 / Ms. * 459 — , B e a t Glauser, Willy Elmer and R e n a t e S t a m m , A t l a s of English Sounds. Bern: F r a n c k e 1979. 460 Kramarae, Cheris, "Gender: How she speaks", in R y a n / G i l e s 84-98. 461 Kristensson, Gillis, "A p i e c e of English Studies 60 (1979): 254-60. 462 —, "Dialectology and h i s t o r i c a l H a n s e n / N i e l s e n 1983: 2 9 - 3 5 . 463 Kurath, Hans, A Phonology and P r o s o d y of Modern English. H e i d e l ­ b e r g : C a r l Winter 1964. 464 — , "British s o u r c e s of s e l e c t e d f e a t u r e s of A m e r i c a n p r o n u n c i a t i o n : p r o b l e m s and m e t h o d s " , in A b e r c r o m b i e / F r y 1964: 146-55; r e p r .

Bern: F r a n c k e 1966. 454 — , "Die I n f i l t r a t i o n der H o c h s p r a c h e in die n o r d e n g l i s c h e n D i a l e k t e " , Anglia 86 (1968): 1-13. 455 — , "Ein s k a n d i n a v i s c h e s Wort an der englischen K ü s t e " , Anglia 91 (1973): 241-4. 456 — , "'Elmet'. A d i a l e c t region in n o r t h e r n England", Anglia 91 (1973): 285-313. 457 — , "Sun and son in England", English S t u d i e s 60 (1979): 4 9 8 - 5 0 4 . 458 — and Willy Elmer, "Field r e c o r d i n g s from C h i r n s i d e , G r e e n l a w , L a n t o n , N e w c a s t l e t o n , L a n g h o l m , E c c l e f e c h a n .

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