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A Beginners Guide to Tibetan Buddhism: Notes from a by Bruce Newman

By Bruce Newman

This can be a ground-level, practice-oriented presentation of Tibetan Buddhism—personal and extremely obtainable. The ebook starts with the awakening of scholars' curiosity in spirituality and the preliminary come upon with Tibetan Buddhism, then leads us via all of the steps precious for winning perform within the West. integrated is succinct counsel on discovering a suitable instructor, receiving empowerments, turning into energetic in a middle, and launching and maintaining a Vajrayana perform. distinct emphasis is put on the aptitude pitfalls, and the wonderful merits, of the guru-disciple courting.

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You've probably read stories of the hardships people in India or Tibet have gone through to be close to their teachers; Americans are doing the same thing right now. If you haven't found your teacher, you'll probably still benefit by associating with a nearby center. Buddhism is still Buddhism; what you'll learn will be beneficial no matter who your lama turns out to be. Just remember some of what I called differences in style; your teacher may emphasize rituals or texts other than those you have just learned from someone else.

We attain a buddha's sambhogakaya, or enjoyment body, as a result. Next comes the wisdom empowerment, purifying 'our mind. We are permitted to practice the meditations of union, which result in the dharmakaya, or truth body. Last is the fourth, or word, empowerment. This purifies our body, speech, and mind together with the tendency to see them as separate. It authorizes us to practice the profound practices of mahamudra and dzogchen and results in the svabhavikakaya. This empowerment can directly introduce us to our rigpa, the self-cognizing awareness of our buddha-nature.

If I'm seething with arrogance or hatred or ashamed that I've just masturbated, he still loves me. As meditation can and will reveal the most negative, despicable things about oneself, it's 16 A Beginner's Guide to Tibetan Buddhism easy to fall into a pattern of self-condemnation. The unconditionality of the lama's love can be a life-saver pulling one out of that kind of swamp. Being accepted on such a deep level by another human being gives me the strength to accept myself and gently let go of these shortcomings rather than continue to condemn myself without having the strength or courage to change.

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