Horse Camp for Kids

Establo San Rafael summer campsWhile you enjoy a relaxing vacation let your kids have fun at Horse Camp for kids in Costa Rica.

This is an exciting opportunity for your kids to learn about horses, riding and Natural Horsemanship. All our classes are based in natural horsemanship. In order to help kids learn to handle and care for their horses safely, grooming and tacking up the horse is taught 20 minutes prior to lessons.  Horseback riding includes one or two 40 minute riding lessons. They will have the experience of turning out the horses and bringing them in from turn out.

Learning all the trades at Establo San RafaelThey can also take part in the evening feedings and stall maintenance.

They can bathe the horses, perform health inspections and learn about medications used to maintain the health of the horses.  Students also learn to clean and care for horse equipment.


Learning all the trades at Establo San RafaelOne day Program with one riding session (bring lunch) $55

One day program with two  riding sessions (bring lunch) $100

Seven to ten day kids vacation with one lesson a day, horse related activities, food & accomodations $100 per day,
with two lessons a day $150 per day (see accommodations)

Kids Curriculum Includes:

  • Learning about horse hygiene, daily baths, grooming, how to recognize skin problems etc.
  • Applying daily medicines for scrapes, bruises, swelling, fungus, etc.
  • Recognizing lameness and early signs of colic.
  • Working on the horses handling issues problems with ears, blankets, etc.
  • Establishing your personal space with horses.
  • Learning to stay safe with a pushy, excited, or irritated horse.
  • Measuring horses for proper weight and fitness.
  • Barn maintenance and management includes: stall care, cleaning stalls, understanding floor upkeep, and feeding
  • horses and understanding nutrition.
  • Understanding the importance of organizing and caring for equipment, which includes a lesson in cleaning tack.
  • Personal time with horses, grooming, hand grazing, etc.
  • Understanding turnout and horses interactions with each other, how they play to establish rank within the herd, how to retrieve a turned out horse.

This is a great program for teens!

If you would like to come along with your kids but you do not ride, you are welcome to relax at the farm. Make yourself at home in our cabinas and enjoy the garden and porch that overlook the ring. Find out more, see our farm stay page.