Learn Natural Horsemanship in Beautiful Costa Rica

We offer 5-day and ten-day packages as well as custom arrangements.

5-Day 6-Night Introduction to Natural Horsemanship Retreat

This is a wonderful all-inclusive holiday package for those who want some focused time with horses. This 5-day holiday makes a wonderful standalone trip, although it can also complement nicely into a longer stay in Costa Rica.

We will fit as much learning into your five days as possible – while still giving you plenty of downtimes to relax. Your itinerary will be looking something like this:

Day 1: We will introduce you to our horses and choose one for your first session. In your first session will begin to teach you the seven games, exercises are done on the ground for establishing basic communication with your horse. We are usually in the ring for several hours for the first session.

Day 2: We will review your seven games and then get you out on the trails for a two-hour bitless trail ride. We will journey through the beautiful local landscape, which includes neighboring cane and cattle farms.

Day 3: Back in the ring again, we will review the games once more and then use what we have learned to tackle an obstacle course. We will be in the ring for approximately three hours.

Day 4: We will head out for another bitless trail ride, this time for approximately three hours. This ride is more technical, with steep climbs and river crossings.

Day 5: Your last day will be devoted to putting it all together, as we will be learning the basics of liberty. You remove the ropes and keep your connection with the horse throughout various exercises.

This package includes:

  • 3 meals a day (vegetarian-friendly)
  • 6 nights’ stay in a private cabina right on the farm
  • Daily programming (as described above)
  • Full access to farm grounds, including time with the horses after hours
  • Come with us to walk the horses down the hill to the river where we all love to splash and play
  • Time to relax on our beautiful property, whether in a garden swing or by the beautiful pool
  • Hours of beautiful hiking on country roads, just out the front door
  • Local access to the river and waterfall with a swimming hole
  • Upon request, we can take you to explore the saddle shops in the nearby town of Santiago de Puriscal, famous in Costa Rica for their McClellan style saddles and leather goods.


Ten Day Natural Horsemanship Adult Horse Camp

Begin or continue your journey in natural horsemanship. Learn the concepts of liberty and bridleless riding.
Our family of Costa Rican horses are waiting to teach you.

Skills covered in this program include natural horsemanship seven games, liberty games, bareback riding, bitless trail riding, intro to bridleless riding, optional lessons in jumping and basic horse and helth care.

Ages 16 and up.

Our Adult Horse Camp Includes,

  • 3 meals a day, accommodating most dietary restrictions and preferences
  • 11 nights’ accommodation in a cozy cabina right on the farm, with private bathroom facilities and hot shower
  • Time to relax on our beautiful property, whether in a garden swing or by the beautiful pool
  • you are welcome to come with us to walk the horses down the hill to the river where we all love to splash and enjoy some play time
  • Local access to the river and waterfall with a swimming hole
  • Feel free to help out with the horses and the barn work if you like
  • Optional trip to explore the local town of Puriscal.

Your Daly Horsemanship inclouds,

  • Day 1-2-3 Dedicated to learning the seven games.
  • Day 4-5    Bareback riding lessons
  • Day 6       Two hour trail ride.
  • Day 7       Obstacle course using the seven games
  • Day 8       Three hour trail ride
  • Day 9       Introduction to carrot stick and string riding.
  • Day 10     Five hour picnic ride.


One day at a time Student Program

If Your looking to learn Natural Horsemanship, this is a Great program.

Book as many nights as you like. Each night comes with a one hour horsemanship class

Ages 16 and up.

Student Program Includes,

One Night in our small cabin room with twin bed, the use of the adjacent kitchenette and shared bathroom. A one class in natural horsemanship that includes a bareback lesson



I stayed with Brenda and Abel the entire month of June. Brenda is the best teacher Iʼve ever had and I learned so much from her. She takes so much time for her students and really goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. I asked hundreds of questions and she always has an answer that would improve my riding and communication skills with my horse. The horses are really nice and a joy to work with. She also has a video library of Parelli natural horsemanship videos that are really good and great to watch. Abel makes great food and is extremely helpful if you have any problem. They are both really nice and helpful. There is an absolutely gorgeous waterfall at a 15 min walking distance and abundance of wildlife around the farm. I saw toucans and hummingbirds and heard animals Iʼve never heard before. The location is a short drive from Puriscal into the green lush wilderness. The trail rides we did were really scenic and a great way to see the surroundings. We did a visit to a local sugar factory with delicious honey. I really recommend anyone to stop by this place or as I, stayed for a month. It was a really great month of my life!!   ~ Loren, UK

I just wanted people to know that I spent 6 weeks on this beautiful ranch and had an amazing time! The horses are the best-taken care of that Iʼve seen in Costa Rica and have many abilities. I learned a lot about medical care and general horse knowledge (Brenda is a walking -or should I say riding, horse dictionary), dressage, Parelli, natural horsemanship, and jumping among many other things. The views in San Rafael breathtaking… If you want to get better in speaking horse you should definitely contact Brenda!  ~ Maiju

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