Secretly tucked away off-the-beaten track, we are still easy to access.

Arriving by Car

From Lindora, get on the highway going towards Ciudad Colon, take the Ciudad Colon/Puriscal exit. Pass through Ciudad Colon and head straight up the mountains towards Puriscal. Follow the winding road for about 25 minutes. Before you get to the center of Puriscal you will pass through the town of San Antonio. Then on the left, you will see a furniture store called CREDIMUEBLES Turn left immediately go down the steep hill. Follow this road down, down straight until it turns to a gravel road. Stay straight on the gravel road, past the cemetery. Veer left at a y union, following the signs towards Floralia. Go down for another 1.5 kilometers (1/2 mile) until you see a house with a large iron gate where a road turns off to the left. There is an old, hard-to-read sign that says Punta de Lanza at this corner. Take this left, a hard, hairpin left turn. We are the third entrance on the left-hand side up on this road. Look for the Establo San Rafael sign

Arriving by Uber

From the airport to Establo San Rafael it should cost around $60 USD. Let us know if you would like for us to arrange to have a driver meet you at the airport when you arrive.

Arriving by Bus

From the airport, when you are leaving the airport walk past all the taxi drivers heckling you and take a bus into the center of San Jose. Once you are in San Jose you take a taxi to the “terminal de Puriscal” also called the Coca-Cola station in San Jose. The bus from there leaves every twenty to thirty minutes and you pay 1,000 colones cash (about $2 USD) as you are getting on the bus. Take the Comtrasuli direct bus to Puriscal, which should take about one hour. In Puriscal the bus drops you off at the main plaza.
From the Comtrasuli terminal in Puriscal, turn right and then left to walk down the hill, where you will soon see a city park on your right in front of a big, abandoned church. To the left of the church is where you can find a local bus heading toward San Rafael or Floralia (either one is fine for you to take). The buses leave at 12pm and 4pm. If you tell the driver you want to get off near Punta de Lanza, they should know where to drop you, about 20-30 minutes into the ride. From the bus stop, walk down hill and take a hard left turn near the (dirty and beat up) sign for Punta de Lanza. We are the third entrance on the left-hand side up on this road, about 500 meters down the hill. Look for the Establo San Rafael sign. (If you reach a river you’ve gone too far!)
If you miss those buses you can take also take a taxi (which should cost around 4,000 or 5,000 colones) or Uber (which is about 3,000 colones). You can tell the taxi driver that you are heading to San Rafael abajo, “cerca de (near) el bar de Sonia Perrilla.” The farm is across the street from the (former) bar.

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