Captain’s blog, barn date 12/12/2019

The big water

*Big yawn*
The Captain is tired. Very tired. Big day today.
Try not to fall asleep on keyboard.
The whole crew, being my human, Commander Loki, his (and secretly Captain’s) human, other nice human that lives in the house and took care of the Captain while her human was gone last time, the Boogieman that sometimes likes to feed the Captain and the new yeoman went in a big driving thing and went. Went to faraway places. Over mountains. Very fast. So very fast. And long.
But we went out at a place with many sands and new smells. Met new friends there.
The crew went into the big water. Everything big today.
The Captain thought about following, but did research on the big water before.
It tasted funny.
Plus, it made big waves. Not a good idea to go in there.
My human took me anyways. Nobody listened to the Captain and the Commander.
Sometimes humans are highly illogical.
So, I climbed on my human. Unfortunately, she makes for a very small island.
We survived anyways. But it was very exhausting.
The rest of the place was fun. My human and I played in the sands and flat waters. I also met new doggie friends to play with.
Very nice this.
Went to explore another sand and water place afterwards. Relaxed in the shadows and went for walks.
Mostly peaceful. Nice dogs mainly. Except for one.
Loki screamed like a squeaky toy when she ran towards him. She was very big indeed. Probably could have squished the little man.
But Brenda barked her away.
Very fast reflexes.
The crew went home when the sun was setting.
Captain found the big driving thing more comfortable this time. Fell asleep for a bit. My human said for the whole ride, but that can’t be true. The Captain is always ready for duty…
I do the sleeps now.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.



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