Captain’s blog, barn date 12/08/2019 and ongoing

Dry season

The Captain is happily sunning herself in the sand. Oh yes, it is sand now. No more mud. We like the sands.
The big winds are drying everything and the plants are dropping leaves.
Many more birds with different sounds stopping by. The humans and the Coconut frequently stare at them. Probably studying them.
Maybe trying to communicate. Maybe watching for hunting. Not so sure the Coconut is an herbivore anymore.
We go on longer walks across the rivers with the horses again. Very nice this.
Many humans arrived. Came and went. Now there is very many.
The horsey playground is crowded.
Much fun. Many happy noises.
Want to play with them. But should focus on my studies and keeping everybody save.
Commander Loki is enjoying his well-deserved rest.
Also, Truffle made a Donut. It is very small and soft. But we don’t eat it.
Fenway the wizard has a new hut and a new bed. “We did not order this. We don’t like them changes,” he says. “Our old bed had a very nice comfy crater in it. We fitted perfectly in it.” “All them young people throwing everything away, because it has some tiny scratches. Oh, no, no. It was perfectly good. We could have still used it. Back then they made things that last for a long time. It was as old as we. It has been with us forever. Yes, yes. And now it’s gone” “This. This we don’t need.”
His boyfriend Tenzin says it’s actually very nice. The old man will get used to it. Is currently persuading him to try out the new blankets.
He is feeling very fabulous in it.








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