Captain’s blog, barn date 11/15/2019

Monty Python’s: The life of brain.

I have received a message from Commander Loki.
It has finally happened. Our humans have completely lost it.
He was accompanying them to the noisy place called “Puriscal”. A big place with a lot of smells, humans and driving things.
According to Loki, they were sitting in front of one of those weird objects again. The flat ones, that make light and that the humans run their paws over. The ones that always seem to make the humans feel annoyed and stressed. This day it made them particularly brain-drained.
Then Loki’s human (who secretly also is Captain’s human, but don’t tell Loki. Captain can at least have 1/8 of her. Yes, I have pretended to have calculated that very precisely.) had a cramp when they were leaving. The walking did not work anymore. It must have been painful. But the human made happy noises for some reason.
Then she was leaning on my human to limp out of the little place that had foods. Apparently, that was very jolly. We don’t know why.
The walk was very absurd. My human also started to walk like that. Both synchronous.
…Maybe it’s a human herd thing. Like horses that mirror each other. But strange. Very strange.
Loki’s records describe a very inefficient way of moving forwards.
We have been living with humans for a long time, studied their behavior, found ways to communicate with them, but still… still, there are days, when they are just plain confusing and alien to us.
Maybe one day the Captain and his Commander will find out why they exhibit those behaviors. Maybe there is a special meaning. Or it is just nonsense. But the little flat boxes seem very unhealthy. The Captain does not understand why an animal would spend time to let itself be angered by a shiny dead thing.

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