Captain’s blog, barn date 10/9/2019


Captain to bridge!
Security to deck…
Oh. Never mind. False alarm.
The landing party is safe.
Better double-check.
The Captain will be your doctor today.
I need to sniff. Yes, yes. Good. Still alive.
The landing party extracted from the mustang hippo safely.
She should not have gone up there in the first place. I keep telling her that. But the Captain’s orders get disobeyed once more.
She says the four-hooved dangerous herbivore was such a good girl, though, and so brave. She is feeding it with a banana. She is very happy.
So, the Captain is pleased as well.
For now.
Until she gets up there again.
Today she was carried by the grey thing from the bridge to the farm. Such a weird concept. I guess it is like a mama dog carrying its puppies. But strange.
And dangerous. They are up to something.
But fun to play with.
But she really shouldn’t sit on them. This one in particular.
I fear she wants to do that more often. Take the youngster out, just like the old grass-eaters.
The Captain does not fully understand why. But the walks with them are usually good. Unless the Captain needs to worry too much.

Anyway. Here are some pictures of mustang hippo. Look at its teeth.

Captain out.

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