Captain’s blog, barn date 10/8/2019

This is the Captain speaking.
Everyone agreed, that it would be appropriate for the Captain to take over the blog.
Oh! Fly!
The Captain eats the fly.
Tastes like chicken.
Speaking of which. The chicken is in the kitchen. I need to investigate.
Where was I going with this?
Ah yes.
I shall be briefing you about current events on the farm so your brain may boldly go where only my nose has gone before…
…Hehe, cat food. Maybe I could…
Ah, later.
The blog will be updated on an irregular basis. But often.
Someone is correcting my grammar.
I go to sleep now. My chair is very comfy.

Until next time with more irrelevant little nothings from Establo San Rafael.
Captain Jaime Tiberia Kirk

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