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A Game of Thrones

Today’s blog entry shall be about horse behavior. The crew always seems to be very concerned with that.
As the Captain, it is my duty to look into the matter and study the behavior of this alien species.
Of course, I have not just started studying them today. I have had a friend who was a big herbivore himself. We played together and shared some interests.
But I digress.
The two-legged officers want to make changes to the horsey crew.
There are two herds and the humans think it would be better to move the young ones to the bigger herd on the mountain and our old lady Campanita to the small herd on the flat area. For health reasons.
But there seems to be a problem. We have another horse named after human food. The “Coconut”. The Coconut is striving for leadership.
King of the Mountain Aldeano disagrees. Queen Nelly the Jelly and princess Neytiri the first, formally known as the Hippo, as well.

Day 1 went as follows:

Tea party at the barn:
The lady Guinevere and the lady Campanita got along splendidly. More quiet time and no more climbing. Campanita the unicorn finds the barn and the flat pasture to be a very appropriate place for her.
Overserving those two specimen has been enlightening. They taught me how to speak properly… which is exhausting for the little doggy-head. So me thinks, me stops now.

First Contact:
Coconut and Miss Lluvia got introduced to the bigger herd. They got a lot of room to figure it out. The mountain where they usually live and the place where the humans usually play with the horses, the space in between and all the way to the end of our home.
Everyone was very excited and running like crazy. Hard for the Captain to understand what’s going on. Wanted to run and play with them too. But too dangerous, says my human. The Captain agrees. Also, she had duties to fulfill.
A few things happened that were very clear for the Captain to understand.
King Al didn’t want them in the herd (yet?).
Lluvia and Coconut came to the human and the doggy crew for protection. Coconut claims that LLuvia is hers and hers alone.
Whenever none of the high in hierarchy humans was watching, things got a little dangerous between the higher horses. Cornering other horses, kicking, too much chasing and such…
So in order to allow everyone to sleep, they all went back to their old spots for the night.

The following days:

A clash of kings:
Situation similar. Biggest issue seems to be between the new ones and Al. So they get to spend the day in the ring together.
We hear a lot of “Nooo, she’s mine! Mine, mine, mine!” “But I’m still the king, I move your feet. I tell you where and when.” “No, you’re not… Oh shit, maybe you are… But she’s mine, mine, mine!” “I’m the biggest, the strongest, the smartest, …” and “Aaah, human! Let me out, let me out!”, “Protect us from the mad king!” “Let me back to my true subjects. This one is completely nuts.”

We do this for a while, till it’s getting better.

Days… Don’t know how many. But many. Counting is hard for a dog you see.:

The lord of the ring:
Reintroducing the Queen and her daughter.
It seems obvious that nobody has told the Queen that her daughter is not a little child anymore. She goes into full mama protection mode. Like lioness. But as a horse.
Her daughter the princess feels secure in her position in the herd and doesn’t bother chasing the new ones after a short amount of time.
Greets potential new playmates. Mama is watching but not too worried anymore.
After a while, they are more accepting. Even king Al and Coconut seem to be making some slow progress. Although Coconut still insists upon owning Lluvia. And Al remains the lord of the ring.

The next day:

The Coconut is lame. Possibly from kicking and running like crazy while playing the game of thrones.
No more of that for now.

Some days later:
“Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?”:

Everyone is very relieved that Coconut is walking normally again. She’s a tough little nut.
But plans for mixing up the herd get changed. Maybe introduce Lluvia first. And add Coconut later… Might make it easier to bring her back in when Lluvia is already part of the herd and doesn’t need Coconut’s “protection” anymore.
Perhaps one day, the Coconut will make its long way from the one pasture to the other.

We still have the unicorn in the barn. Campanita can stay with the three of them for now. She is utterly pleased with her new home. We keep an eye on Coconut so she doesn’t overdo it with chasing her.

The Captain shall keep you updated on the progress.
For now, she will return to her quarters. There are ears to be scratched and bellies to be rubbed.



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