Captain’s blog, barn date 10/14/2019, 10/15/2019, 10/16/2019 and I don’t know how long this is going to go on

Truffles are friends, no food.

This is very confusing.
The Captain has had her quarters. Just sharing it with her human, as it should be. We don’t eat in this room. Usually.
But now there is a small, living food going in and out and just sitting there. It is not in my bowl. So I guess, it is not mine? It looks so tasty, though. My human sometimes makes attempts to hunt it, I think. But then she brings it outside and loses it again.
Then she says it’s no food. It’s like a cat. But I don’t think so. Also, the cats are up to something. Their hind ends are alright, but the front is so sharp sometimes…
Anyways. This little food on two little legs must be waiting to be eaten. Or it wants to move in and be a roommate. But we can’t have that.
Also, the humans call it “Truffle”, which is a food they eat, as far as I know. Jet, I am not supposed to eat it.
Maybe I can eat the things it lays there.
The fluffy animal makes funny noises…
The Captain shall investigate further and keep you updated.

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