Captain’s blog, barn date 10/11/2019

Shore leave

This day the away team (which was my human, Mr. Loki and his human, the nice other human and the other nice other human and of course me, the Captain) was traveling to a place with many noises and smells. Good smells mainly. The humans gathered some foods there.
Also another roommate. Or maybe food. But they gave it a name. The Captain concludes things with names shall not be eaten. Not yet anyway. Not sure about some of the animals they bring.
This one is called Odo. He moved in with Olivia. His job is cleaning. He is very good at it. Olivia’s house has never been so shiny. As far as the Captain can read fish, they are very happy.

Odo is a girl. Don’t know if this changes anything, but the humans look amused by it.

Captain out.




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