Captain’s blog, barn date 10/10/2019 – 01/07/2019

Becoming one with Neytiri

Mission report (yes, I just made up that number):
Project Neytiri seems to be proceeding successfully.
The Captain must admit; she did not think that this experiment was a very promising idea. Wild hippos do not make for very save driving devices, me thinks.
Better use the huge dead ones with round legs. Might have to puke when sitting in them, but probably saver than sitting on top of large herbivore with own opinions.
Somehow however the hippo has decided that playing with my human is fun and carrying her around to explore and probably conquer the world is the very best game of them all.
Very proud of itself the hippo. Always telling everyone who doesn’t want to hear it “Look what I can do!” “Look what I did!” “I was out adventuring!” Look at me, I am a big girl” “I have one of those weird human for myself. My very own playmate!” “It is mine.” (The latter is not true, of course, but we allow it to believe that. We don’t want upset hippos around.)
My human has decided to trust this one. Still don’t fully agree with that, but can’t talk her out of that anyways. Plus, Captain is always around. The Captain keeps everyone save.
Neytiri seems to want my human alive so it can keep her as playmate.
So, not so much need for red alert anymore.
It also decided on its first ride out with a different horse, that it and my human would take responsibility for the herd and be lead horse.
I think, that basically makes it a good person.
Also, walks with the hippo are fun. We do much exploring.
Very, very brave crew member this one. Will reach higher rank, me thinks. Rank of honour, maybe. Is already queen to be in horse crew, though.
Well, after all, the little big snot might actually be growing on me.

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