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Memo to self: Might need to make human crew build ark

The Captain never particularly liked rain. Or showers. It makes my fur cold and very much not comfy.
This year’s rainy season is being very unusual. So, I shall make an entry about that. No, the Captain is not bored and out of ideas and thusly writing about the weather.
I think I might sniff out the reasons for this anomaly. And therefore, I need to write down all the suspicious and nonsuspicious things I have noticed over the last couple of months.
Rain and rain. So much rain. It is worse than just rain. Or just shower.
It is like a gigantic cold shower that lasts for more than half the day and the whole night. Very depressing. It is worse than a normal October (which is usually the rainiest month). It is October Level 10 (I heard the humans going on about levels in the Parelli Horsemanship. Ship. We need a ship here…Uh, anyways I think the level system is a very logical one. And might be applied to wateriness, too.)
I think it has made humans disappear. You know, usually there are people coming and going here. Usually studying horse language and then saying their good-byes and leaving. And then new ones appear. But shortly before the great rains started. Just going away. No new faces. No new butts to sniff.
So, it was just the Commander Loki’s human and my aunt Brenda, my human, the one the one the horses call “The Boogieman” and the dogs call “The Meat Man” and the humans call just “Abel”, and a little one the humans call “Mia” and sometimes “Fuang” (must be a kind of human title the Captain is not familiar with) and the animals call “adorable small human” (the Coconut is claiming that she is hers) left here.
And right before the very biggest rains started, the adorable small human left. Hope she didn’t get flooded away. Or melted. Tenzin always says rain can make you melt. Don’t want to do research on that, might just believe the goat and take it as a fact.
One other mysterious thing is that humans (also the few ones that we see in the neighbourhood and the big noisy place) have started to wear unknown objects in their faces. A bit like muzzles, but humans don’t bite that often and also their teeth are not that sharp.
Which brings me to the next part. They don’t have sharp teeth, but they do have thumbs. Which makes it easier for them to write. And they make things with it.
Turn things into other things. And make them look different. Like put yellows and blues and different shades of grey on things with different shapes.
The ones here have been doing a lot of that recently. Understandably. Avoiding the rain and mud (the mountain has become a fluid, just like Naranja). Also, having more time, since nobody is here.
The garden has more flowers. So many smells. Also looks very nice. More sunny spots. Brenda is digging around in the garden like the most productively digging dog and makes everything look pretty.
That’s all of the ominous and not so ominous things I have noted while hiding from the rains.
I shall keep you updated about other suspicious things that might arise.
Captain out.


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