Captain’s blog, barn date 04/05/2020

You have been and always shall be our friend

For the first time since writing log entries, I have trouble finding words. Not as in I am a dog and human language is weird, but as in I really don’t know what to say and how to say it but it should be said.
Thus, this status report comes with a great delay and I apologize for it.
Maybe today I will be able to finish the update. I ate a lot of paper in the making.

As many of you already know, one member of the horse crew has left us.
Brenda has given you a briefing via the Facebook platform, but we still want to try and pay him a proper tribute.

Teeny, formally known as Tarantino, aka Mr. Try-To-Make-Me-Move done great deads during his days.
He has been in the Captain’s crew for merely a year, but he has been with Brenda since the beginning when he was a little 2-year kid. The Captain always greatly enjoyed our exploration missions together. But I have also seen him with the human and horse crew over the past year. And I know all the stories.
When he first arrived he had been through trauma. He didn’t even speak horse language properly. Lluvia taught him. He also learned how to trust. And then, I have seen, he has become a teacher himself. One of the best.
He was excellent in every subject of inter-species communication, but his specialties were teaching patience and persistence, energy up, a good phase 4, a positive attitude, confidence, creativity, and flexibility. Teeny was a horse of many personality traits. He had different ‘horsenalities’ they say. As far as I understood it, that meant Teeny was like a box of chocolates, you never knew what you got when you went to get him out.
The human crew had to learn to adapt quickly. Very useful.
Teeny also had a master’s in untying knots. His efficiency was highly impressive.
He invented a fun game called ‘left fooooot… right fooooot’. The objective is to lift said feet as slowly as possible.
He was always good for a laugh. His friend Aldeano agrees.
He liked to task people with big challenges, which in the end helped them immensely with their learning. And if you ever needed somebody to just be there and listen, Teeny was there.
Everyone here and everyone who had the honor of getting to know him suffered a great loss when he went.
He remained a fighter until the very end. But most and for all, he was a friend.
We miss you Teeny, you big teddy bear.



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