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Chicken Run

Need to rewrite security protocol.
In case of spotting chicken crew member do not:
• chase
• bark at
• hiss at
• bite
• chew on
• scratch
• jump on
• tackle
• or eat it.
It could make it dead. We need chicken crew alive. Apparently.
They are official crew members now. Stop drooling.

Chicken crews’ strength will be in numbers.
So, as you know from the second last post Truffle made a Donut. But we call her Mochi now, because she became a little white rice ball.
Custard made a Pudding. Crewmember can be recognized by a very plump shape and a face that looks like a grumpy old man. Actually Custard didn’t make Pudding, she just sat on her own egg and one of Cookie’s and only Cookie’s hatched.
Cookie also made a very noisy little blob. We call her Ice-Cream. Heh heh. Brenda made joke.
Flan made the newest ones. Still need names. Open to suggestions.

Mission Chicken Run:
Because of danger through enemy dogs or prey birds, the baby chickens get secured in special crew quarters until they are big enough.
First one to go out again so crew quarters are free for new babies were Truffle and Mochi.
Truffle did not succeed as security officer. Was her first employment. Maybe give her another chance later.
Mochi blob got injured by something. My nose says neighbour dog. So my human took it in. Into our quarters.
It was very confusing. And frustrating. How many times did I think “Ah, finally. We are going to eat it.” and “Now, now is the moment. It is ripe for harvest.” But no. We protected it. We made it heal. It became part of us. It followed us. For some reason it stuck with the Captain whenever it lost my human. Annoying.
But it did its best at fitting in. The Captain can respect that. It wanted to cuddle. Somewhat cute. Confusing, but cute.
Still a little bit mad at it for trying to steal my bones.

Med bay update:
The Mochi blob has recovered. Now she could go back out with the other chickens. She should socialize with them and run with them for safety.
The Captain agrees.

Lonely Among Us:
Easier said than done.
Custard and Pudding are the first to go out. Mochi tries to bond, but Custard will have no intruders while teaching her “daughter” how to survive. “Eat, eat, eat. And then eat. You can eat this. And this. And then you hide. Fast. Then eat again. And don’t forget to eat. Finish your food, child.” And such and so forth.
Then Cookie and Ice-Cream came out and her and Custard had an epic dinosaur fight. (Yes, the Captain knows about dinosaurs, she has seen them on the internets.) No interest in Mochi whatsoever. Only chasing her away.
Flan had the newest babies and was at least not hostile towards Mochi. But that was about all.
Not even her mother would take her back under her wing. Heh heh, the Captain is learning human proverbs.
Mochi also has no interest in the roosters. Is more and more glued to us.
My human is joking about bringing the chicken home to Germany with us.
…She is joking, right?

The Outcast:
“Eat, eat, eat. So that you shall grow big and fat… Wait a minute… You are already way too big. And you look a lot like that Ice-Cream. You are no daughter of mine! Get out! Out, out, out!”
And with that, we had another outcast. All of the sudden Pudding didn’t have any family at all. No friends. Nowhere to go. Very sad.
Hold on…

I cannot believe it. It is actually working out. The two little outcasts together.
Becoming friends. Both hiding in the geese quarters. Eating together. Walking around together and all.
And oh, they finally sleep up in the big tree together and when it is raining Couscous and Lady Goose are welcoming them in their house.
The Captain is happy to report that this story has a very happy ending.
(Although she didn’t get any chicken legs.)

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