Play and ride with a horse you have bonded with on the beach in Costa Rica

This is not just riding on the beach.  You will have lots of time to enjoy sun, sand, and surf, with a horse you have bonded with, on our 3 days 2-night beach trip.

Start with three days at the farm to choose a horse. Get to know your horse with games and mountain trails. Then we’re off to the beach for three more magical days!

the price for all six days for one person is $2,000 for more than one it’s $1,500 each
If the group is larger than 4 please contact us.


Riding in the surf is an unforgettable experience!

Much more than a trail ride on the beach.


Get a feel for the water with your horse


You may choose to ride bareback.

We ride up the beach and cross rivers that empty into the ocean. Then we continue up the beach until we arrive at a little restaurant, where we tie our horses to palm trees and relax with a fabulous lunch, then we spend more time playing in the surf.

Lunch at Leo’s is just plain fun, with plenty of time to play with the horses.

Parelli group having lunch at Leo’s.






This is Leo’s little restaurant right on the beach.

More time to play in the surf.


Iguanas join us where we bathe and ready our horses.


We pasture the horses in a field behind the pool at the hotel.  You have to try the big slide.

We will create a cozy cookout for dinner or try some Costa Rican dishes at local Tipico restaurant.

After dinner take a stroll on the beach

The sunsets are awesome!

You are welcome to ride in the truck with the horses to the beach.






We are looking forward to our next beach trip. We hope you
join us for the fun.



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