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Loving the rainy season.

So many nice things have happened and so many great people have been here this season.  All our rooms have new ceramic and have been beautifully renovated. The gardens are absolutely flourishing.  And of course, we have been having a great time with our wonderful horses.

Check out the slideshow and video below.

A link to Facebook.  A walk about the farm.

Our first post. Highlights from this season so far.

We had an amazing time on our beach trip package it was pure magic riding at low tide in the sunset! please contact us if you are interested in a mountain beach horse riding package.

And we had lots of horsey fun with our kids, families, and interns too


With plenty of riding out through the beautiful farmland of Puriscal.



Tabitha Higgins Smith

Here is a blog article and video made by our intern, Tabitha Higgins Smith

Establo San Rafael, Costa Rica

View from the top of the lookout.

Elizabeth with her barking horse farm treckers set off for another 6-day trek from the farm to the beach.

Also, take a look at how pretty Neytiri is growing up.

Tivo seas that’s all for now.