Ride with Natural Horsemansip and see Costa Rica with our all in one package

Experience our complete 8 days riding and tour vacation.
Ride our beautiful horses in the mountains and on the beach.
Challenge yourself on a zip line, behold a volcano,
meet a shaman at an indigenous reserve, and ride the river with the
crocodile man.

Price $3,000 for one person. For two or more $2,500 with all meals, lodging, tours, best-known riding and transportation included.

Become acquainted with the horses.  Play games and ride in the ring, then take a short trail ride around the Floralia loop. Tour the stable of one of best-known horse trainers.  Then explore the shops of  Puriscals famous saddle makers.














Ride the Bella Vista Loop, this takes about one and a half to two hours depending on how much cantering we do. Visit the Huetar Indigenous Reserve.

Poas Volcano  This is an all day trip.

Tabarcia de Mora. This is a full day of riding.  It takes two to two and a half hours to get to our lunch stop and another two or so back to the farm. we are usually out for about six hours.

the zip line at Sky Mountain.


Its time to load the horses on the truck to the beach.    We take our first ride on the beach, settle into our rooms and eat dinner at a little resonant at the beach.


















Full day on the beach with lunch at a beach cafe with our horses at Leos. In the evening we will have a fun barbeque near the pool.













Our last day we enjoy  the beach one last time, then we load horses on truck for their journey home.

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